Quality Testing

Quality Testingt in Upplex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Upplex Technologies for guaranteeing the quality of software applications make it possible to automate the various complex steps involved in testing applications. By automating the testing process the software tester obtains comprehensive and comparable results. It is also possible to repeat tests.

1) Functionality test

When checking whether the applications are working correctly, a test is carried out to ascertain whether the application meets the predetermined user requirements, while the application is interacting with the hardware platform, the databases, the network and other components.

2) Regression test

This is used to measure the response from the application, or the impact on the application, of a changed situation in an existing application (for example the installation of new hardware or new applications; or changes in the application itself) in the IT infrastructure.

3) Measuring response times

When measuring response times, a number of users are simulated. Under this increased pressure (the large number of users) it is possible to see how the application responds and how long it takes before an application starts up. Upplex technologies make it possible to draw up testing procedures, organize test characteristics (requirements, scripts and results), compare results from different tests and analyze and repair business-critical applications. All this helps to improve the quality of software applications.

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